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Charting Middle-Class’s Decline






“Draw one line on a graph charting the decline in union membership, then superimpose a second line charting the decline in middle-class income share, and you will find that the two lines are nearly identical.”
-- Journalist Timothy Noah in his book, The Great Divergence





Defining “Obscene Pay”


 "C.E.O.'s deserve good pay, but there's good pay and there's obscene pay."
-- Brian Wenzinger, a money manager who voted against a $15 million pay package for Citigroup's chief executive, Vikram Pandit, as quoted in The New York Times.

Poor Millionaires

"To say that I'm enjoying a millionaire's lifestyle - well, I can tell you, I guess a millionaire's income doesn't go very far these days."
-- Ed Pastor, an Arizona Democrat who is among 250 members of Congress with a net worth of $1 million or more

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