If you get in trouble

If a supervisor wants to ask you questions about something on the job,  ask what the meeting will be about.  If the answer confirms that the employer is indeed looking into something of a disciplinary nature, then insist on having a union representative present, as is your legal right.  You should say something along the following lines:  "Since it seems to me that this meeting might lead to a disciplinary action being taken against me, I request that my union representative be present.  If you will not allow this, I will respectfully decline to answer any questions unless you order me to do so."  If it's not clear at first whether you might end up being disciplined, ask if there is "any possibility" that disciplinary action may result.  If you get any answer besides "no", then insist on having a union representative present before going any further.  (If someone from the union isn't available then and there, ask for the meeting to be rescheduled for a time when a representative can be there).
-- Adapted from The Union Members Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer


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