The Union-buster’s Choice

After a union-buster’s fatal heart attack, the Angel of Death appears and tells him he has a choice about where he’ll spend eternity: Heaven or Hell. He’s allowed to visit both places before making his decision. Heaven turns out to be quite lovely, with St. Peter leading a tour showing blissed-out people floating on clouds as harps play softly around them. The tour of Hell, led by none other than the Devil himself in a custom-made three-piece suit, shows off a rocking nightclub, with an open bar, fancy buffet and everyone happily eating, drinking and making merry. Back with the angel, it’s time to make a decision. "Well," the union-buster says, "As nice as Heaven looks, I have to admit that Hell looks more like my kind of place, so I've decided to spend eternity down there." The union-buster is promptly sent down, where he’s unceremoniously thrown in a hot, smelly cave and chained to a wall. "Hey!” he yells, “When I came down here for the tour, I was shown a whole bunch of bars and parties and other great stuff! What happened?" The Devil just grins and replies, “That, my friend, is what you get for believing Management’s promises.”

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Fields include power generation (power plants), power distribution (transmission and distribution), call/service center employees, as well as natural gas and water utilities.

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Represents Utility Workers in municipal, as well as publicly traded Utilities.

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