Union vs. Non-Union

The structure and the power relationships of a workplace where there is no union are very different from those in a unionized facility.  In the non-union workplace, employees are simply a collection of individuals, organized into groups according to the employer’s needs.  Workers are categorized based on what type of work you do, the location in which you perform your work, the shift you may happen to work on, or other factors relating to the ways in which the employer chooses to get the work done.  Some employers deliberately structure the work and the workplace precisely to discourage the unionization of their employees.  With a union, those who work for a particular employer are no longer just a bunch of individuals; they are a collective unit, as well.  The union has the right—and the legal obligation—to speak with one voice, on behalf of all of the employees in what is known as the “bargaining unit.”  This means that the employer loses the power advantage of dealing only with individuals, one-on-one.  With union representation in place, the employer has to reckon with the union as the collective voice of all the union-represented workers.
—Adapted from The Union Member's Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer

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