Working Union vs. Working Non-Union

In a non-union setting, workers count on their own individual strength; in a union setting,  workers count on their own strength plus the collective strength of the group. In a non-union setting, the employer makes all the rules; in a union setting, the rules are negotiated by the union and the employer. In a non-union setting, the employer enforces the rules however he sees fit; in a union setting workers have a procedure in place to respond to unfair enforcement of rules, even to the point of having an outside, neutral arbitrator decide who’s right. In a non-union setting the employer decides what employees will be paid and what benefits, if any, they will receive; in a union setting the employer is required to negotiate with the union on all pay and benefit issues the union brings to the bargaining table.
-- Adapted from The Union Member's Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer


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Fields include power generation (power plants), power distribution (transmission and distribution), call/service center employees, as well as natural gas and water utilities.

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